Telecommunication (Data) Pipes – Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes

The raw of Telecommunication (Data) Pipes is HDPE material and manufacured as  Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes. The pipes on cable laying line used for the purpose to maintain cable protection. Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes is produced in two type. One of the telecommunication pipes is by double wall inner smooth surface and corrugated outer surface and the other one of the telecommunication pipe is smooth inner and outher surface. Telecommunication Pipes, Double Wall Corrugated Pipes and HDPE pipe coils are produced as flat surfaces.

Telecommunication Data Pipes, can be used with high voltage cables, fiber optic cables induced deformation studies that may occur from water and ice, preserving the damage in structural studies, reduced labor costs. In Corrugated Cable Casing Pipes using quoted and unquoted coupler provides a very comfortable ease of installation. Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes are produced in the desired colors and length meters as per the transportation conditions.

Telecommunication (Data) Pipes Usage Advantages

-Telecommunication (Data) Pipes easly to installation because of the lightweight speciality.

-Telecommunication (Data) Pipes made by HDPE raw and uses in big voltage electrical cable projects.

-Telecommunication Double wall corrugated pipes are having advantages for the strong speciality for  long time cable protection.

-Telecommunication Pipes has easy to delivery on transportation with non-heavy speciality.

– Double wall corrugated Telecommunication Pipes can be use in the metro lines projects.

– Double wall corrugated pipes can be use in every line because of their bending radius.

– Telecommunication Double wall corrugated pipes easy to install of the cable inside of each other.

– Telecommunication Double wall corrugated pipes are have their coupler to connect the pipes each other easly.

– Telecommunication Double wall corrugated pipes uses in data cable projects, telecom projects, electrical cable projetcs with safely.

-Telecom Pipes doesn’t take more places due to easy keep on stock.

-Telecom pipes reduce the workmanship costs and the time loses.

– Telecommunication Pipes produced in desired lenghts and provides transportation advantages.

HDPE Telecommunication Pipes Usage Area

  • Telecommunication Pipes uses for protects of high-voltage cables,
  • Fiber-optic cables are used for HDPE cable protection pipes installation
  • Telecom Pipes used for Data projects
  • Telecommunication pipes uses in satellite projects
  • Telecom pipes used on the railways – metro sitations applications,
  • Underground and aboveground cable installation projetcs also used