HDPE Corrugated Pipe Fittings

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Plastic Pipe Fittings

Plastic Pipe Fittings used for every type of plastic pipes in order to get new lines on the main lines, to give directions or connect the lines to each other.

In HDPE Pipes, fittings produced in 3 groups as, HDPE Electro Fusion fittings, HDPE Butt Welding – Injection Fittings and HDPE Coupling – Push-Fith Fittings types.

Some of the Plastic Pipe Fittings most prefered as belows, please click on the title of the fittings to see details of related fittings you interested in.

Equal Tee : HDPE Equal Tee, PVC Equal Tee, Corrugated Pipe Equal Tee, and for all other kind of Equal Tee’s used for to give news lines on the main lines.

HDPE Inequal Tee : HDPE Inqual Tee, PVC Inequal Tee, Corrugated Pipe Inequal Tee, and for all other kind of Inequal Tee’s used in order to open a new small line on the bigger pipelines.

HDPE Reducer : HDPE Reducer, PVC Reducer, Corrugated Reducer produced for the their type of pipes. Produced with the same raw material which is the their pipe and used on the line to reduce the pipeline which is to get smaller pressure line.

HDPE EF Coupler : HDPE Coupler, PVC Coupler, Corrugated Coupler produced for connect the pipes to each other in order connect the pipes on the same line. HDPE Coupler produced as Electro Fusion Coupler and Push-Fith type HDPE Coupling. Couplers used for to connect the same diameters’s pipes on the same pipeline to completed.

HDPE EF Saddle : HDPE EF Saddle produced as Electro Fusion HDPE Saddle and usedn on live line to get new line on the mainline.

HDPE EF Tapping Tee : HDPE EF Tapping Tee produced as Electro fusion type and get the smaller line on the live line from the bigger lines. It’s more advantage to use then tee fittings because of gets quickly and easy.

HDPE Flange Adaptor : HDPE Flange adaptor uses as stub end on the ending of pipes to connect valve, air valve, check valve, fire hydrant and uses together with steel flanges.