HDPE Dredging Pipes

HDPE Dredging Pipes has made by High Density Polyethylene material and has produced in various dimentions in order to use mostly on the sea to carry of sea sand for dredge of the mud. HDPE Dredger Pipes has manufactured and welded with the fittings as HDPE Flanged pipes or HDPE Two Flanged Pipes. The Dredging Pipes welded with two HDPE Flange Adapter and two Steel Flanges to be connect the pipes to each other and covered  with Floaters – Floating Clamps to keep on the above sea. HDPE Dredging Pipes are easy to transport, installation, using of the pipes for all dredger or outfall projects. Dredger pipes are preffered for agricaltural applications, dredge of mud, mining projects. Dredge Polyethylene Pipes are using together with floaters filled by Polyurethane (foam) material. Some projects need to use with Rubber hoses for the river
or ocean dredger applications. For more applications HDPE Dredgers are can be apply safely due to high resistance and longlife of the HDPE
piping material.

HDPE Dredging Pipes are usually produce in 12 meters lenghts but it can be produce in desired lenghts, in desired thicknesses and diameters as well. Dredge Pipes applicable easly because of the their lightweight speciality and buoyancy. The Dredger Pipes have various using area that applicable with big prefferences. Also you can see the below information of the Dredging Pipes application areas;


  • HDPE Dredging Pipes applicable above the sea to outfall of the mud
  • HDPE Dredging pipes used in dredger projects from the lake, oceanfloaters hdpe
  • Dredger Pipes uses on the mining projects
  • Dredging HDPE Pipes usable for the checmical industry
  • River discharge applications also preffered with HDPE Dredging Pipes
  • Dredge of the sea sand is also an area of usage of the HDPE Dredging tubes
  • Dredging Pipes appliable for outfall of the sea
  • Dredge Pipes uses for the agricaltural projects
  • HDPE Dredging Pipes applying for Marina Projects
  • Dredging pipes uses on seafaring


  • Dredging HDPE pipes has long life time
  • HDPE Dredger Pipes has resistance of the internal and external impacts that Dredging pipes mostly used in the discharge of the mud and it having damages the pipes from the internal wherein impurities because.
  • Dredging pipes have the resistance of the corrosion
  • The HDPE Dredge Pipes has splinterproof and leak-proof
  • The assembling of the dredging pipes easy and fast because of lightweight
  • Absorption ratio is subdued of the HDPE Dredging pipes
  • Dredging PEHD Pipes are applicable on the all above water projects with safely