Zeep Construction has take participate on the big projects and providing the solutions on your projects with high experienced and dynamic expertisers. As a success experienced Zeep construction near of you for your engineering works, structural studies, cost analises of the projects, procurement works, tender sheets and governmental projects.

Some of our solutions & services as below;

Pipeline Installation Services : Zeep construction provides installation of pipes according to your projects with the expert team. Structural studies and preparation of the terrain applications.

Pipe Welding & Joining Workmanship : Zeep construction gives the trainee of butt fusion welding and electro fusion welding education for your staff with the certificates. Also doing your welding process during the installation of pipes for your projects. Connection of pipes, welding of hdpe pipes, electro fusion welded corrugated pipes are in our welding services with high technology systems.

Testing of HDPE pipes and Testing of PVC Pipes : In the high technology laboratuvars besides of own laboratory Zeep Contruction preparing your all testing report for your government applications for the all testing types. Also provides the inspection of plastic pipes in the place.

Transportation of Plastic Pipes: Zeep Construction has working for your financial sides too and making very good calculations on transportation of the pipes. All the transportation ways considering to find best creative solutions to keep your cost in the projects. Transportation of seaway, landway, railway, airway, collected ways and choose the best vehicles. The calculations also making for the optimum loading schedules.