(TR) HDPE Borular, Pe100 Borular (Polietilen 100) ve PE80 Borular olarak ikiye ayrılarak, içme suyu, basınçlı su gibi birçok sıvı ve gaz dağıtım projelerinde kulanılır...

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HDPE Dredging Pipes

HDPE DREDGING PIPES HDPE Dredging Pipes has made by High Density Polyethylene material and has produced in various dimentions in order to use mostly on the sea to carry of sea sand for dredge of the mud. HDPE Dredger Pipes

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PVC Pipe, PVC Pressure Water Pipes are produced in the two groups as PVC Pipe self socket with seal and PVC Pipe solvent cement socket. Usually drinking water, sewage, irrigation, chemical industry in the area is preferred.

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PVC Sewerage Pipes

PVC Sewerage Pipes produced from PVC material and used for sewer line, sewage project, wastewater and drainage projects. Thanks to hard specs of PVC Sewerage Pipes can be used safely in the underground which are in the regions of cold and hot weather condition. Most preferred type of PVC pipe construction industry due to their high resistance and rigid structure.

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HDPE Corrugated Pipe

HDPE Corrugated Pipe known as HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe and used in sewerage projects in industrial waste transport, in storm water drainage and transport of the drainage waters. HDPE Corrugated Pipes are produced as SN 2, SN 4, SN 6 and SN 8

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Telecommunication (Data) Pipes

The raw of Telecommunication (Data) Pipes manufacured as Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes. The pipes on cable laying line used for the purpose to maintain cable protection.

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Big Diameter Corrugated Pipes Advantages

Big Diameter Corrugated Pipes Advantages - Steel Reinforced HDPE Corrugated Pipe -Big Diameter Corrugated Pipes - Steel Reinforced HDPE Corrugated Pipe have big advantages for the uses on the underground projects...

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Sarmal Korige Borular

Spiral Corrugated Pipes – Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

Spiral Corrugated Pipes is usually larger diameters (500 mm and above) are preferred for/ In the welding of Corrugated Spiral Pipes combined by electrofusion coupler method therefore once assembled with tightness level reached a maximum and doesn't disperse on.

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Plastic Pipe Fittings

Plastic Pipe Fittings used for every type of plastic pipes in order to get new lines on the main lines, to give directions or connect the lines to each other. In HDPE Pipes, fittings produced in 3 groups as.

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gate valve 800x534.

Cast Iron Valves

CAST IRON VALVES Cast Iron Valves are used with the aim to cut the flow of liquid have different standards for each field that can be used at high temperatures and in high pressure applications in HDPE pipelines, PVC pipelines,

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