HDPE 100 Pipe ( High Density Polyethylene Pipe )

HDPE 100 Pipe, known as HDPE 100 Pipe (High Density Polyethylene Pipe) used in many projects for potable water, such as pressure water – liquid and gas delivery.. Since 1955, HDPE pipe with all developed countries began to be used in pressurized water project and nowadays such as old concrete, asbestos pipes removing infrastructure in all government procurement in many infrastructure projects replaced the old structure with the HDPE 100 pipe. With ample space to keep the intended use of HDPE pipe, advantageously a so because it is of great importance in international projects. PE +100 pipes areas have increased significantly and the first is preferred as drinking water, pressure water application today in the oil transport, acid in water crossings, dredger in dredging and also playing an important role.

HDPE 100 pipes used safely in pressure water – drinking water projects, gas distribution projects, petroleum distribution projects, irrigation projects, industrial waste, hdpe fire fighting systems, hdpe dredging pipe projects all kinds of liquid and gas transportation.

PE100 pipes manufactured from HDPE 100 raw material it’s last technology over the plastic raws and called HDPE 100 pipe or PE100 pipes – Polyethylene Pipe.

HDPE 80 pipe is manufactured from PE 80 raw materials used in gas projects and are referred to as HDPE 80 Pipe or PE80 Pipes.
HDPE 100 Pipes Technical Table and HDPE Pipe diameter, thickness and weight information you can find in our HDPE 100 Pipes Size Chart page

HDPE 80 Natural Gas Pipes ( High Density Polyethylene PE 80 )

HDPE 80 natural gas pipes made by the polyethyene 80 raws and manufactured according to EN 1555 and ISO 4437 standards with in high quality systems. PE 80 gas pipes most preffered over the underground natural gas piping systems in the high safety systems. PE80 gas pipes are usually produced in yellow color or yellow stripes on the black hdpe pipe and with a thinner wall thickness is intended to pass more gas in the condition to be more robust. HDPE 80 gas pipe are mostly manufactured in 20 mm and 500 mm pipe diameter by the suitable HDPE electrofusion fittings. In the pe80 natural gas application it’s very important to installation of the hdpe pipes that the suitable barss of the projects must care on the area, natural gas pipe laying work should start taking all security measures. It’s also caring ISO and OHSAS certification on the application.

Pe80 natural gas pipelines easily processed, corrosion resistant inner surface of arthritis that, according to the heating system pf pe80 pipes provides a highly secure and long-lasting use of high-standard PE 80 pipes. Pe80 pipes not damaged in earthquakes with its flexible structure and eliminates the risk of explosion. Temperatures preserve the elastic properties when dropped to -40 ° C. Hdpe 80 gas pipes usable for minimum 50 years that its resistant to underground and abouveground by ultraviolet lights.