Electrofusion HDPE EF Equal Tee applying for the take a new pipelines over the ongoing lines. It’s easy to application of the electro fusion hdpe equal tee pieces to connect theree pipelines on the HDPE Tee connection pieces. HDPE electrofusion type equal Tee manufacturing with HDPE material and used in the pipeline to take new branch line on the HDPE pipe. This is the in shape of Tee as mentioned on the line to smaller pipe line.
HDPE Equal Tee as known as HDPE Spigot Equal Tee or HDPE Injection Type Equal Tee. Both of them is same meaning and the systems on the pipeline.
HDPE Equal Tee producing in three options as HDPE Spigot – Injection Type Equal Tee, HDPE Confection Type Equal Tee and HDPE Electro Fusion Equal Tee.
Also for an alternative and easier way that you can use instead of HDPE Spigot Equal Tee is HDPE Electro Fusion Tapping Tee which can be welded by electro fusion type and only one welding to give new branches to pipelines.