1 – HDPE Pipe is;

HDPE Pipes meaning is coming from the raw materials of the plastic pipe groups produced. HDPE Pipe shorted from High Density Polyethylene material or/and Polyethylene High Density as PEHD Pipe. HDPE Pipe have 4 generation which are the first material produced from Low Density Polyethylene Pipes (LDPE) as PE 32 and used as second PE 63 Pipes called Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) and the third generation of Polyethyene Pipe called PE 80 Pipes which are mostly used for gas distribution as Polyethylene 80 Pipe and the last  polyethylene Generation is PE 100 Pipes known as HDPE 100 Pipes, PE 100 Pipes, PE Pipes or PEHD Pipes in over te world.
HDPE Pipes mostly used for transportation of drinking water, HDPE pressure water piping systems and some of the projects as mentioned below.

2- Where is the HDPE 100 Pipes used for;

HDPE_Pipe                          pipes_zeep_construction

HDPE Pipes are span a wide variety of applications over the world as one the best plastic material can be used for very big area. HDPE pipes can be used safely in all areas as the following transmission applications particularly drinking water;

  • HDPE pipe can be used for clean water / potable water projects in the main networks while the all network of the projects.
  • The one of the using area of the HDPE pipe is natural gas transportation on the underground gas pipelines and preffered PE 80 gas pipe or HDPE 100 gas pipes.
  • HDPE Pipes can be used for petrolium / oil applications as safely.
  • The PE Pipes can preffered for canalisation projects with the low pressures of HDPE pipe.
  • HDPE Pipes’ another area of uses as cable protection pipes called HDPE Double Wall Cable Casing Pipes or HDPE cable covering pipes produced as normal HDPE Pipes or as HDPE Corrugated Pipes for Power Cable Protection on the lines.
  • HDPE Telecommunication Pipe or HDPE data pipes also an usage area of the HDPE pipes.
  • HDPE pipe also can be used for acides in chemical projects.
  • HDPE Pipe usage area is drainage lines. The pipes uses for drain of the waste water, storm water, dredge applications.
  • The HDPE pipes applicable as Dredging Pipes for Sea Outfall Projects over the sea. HDPE Dredging Pipes used with steel flange and HDPE Flange Adapter after welded to each other and used with Floaters on the sea.
  • Usage area of HDPE pipe is transport of the Spring water from the mountains.
  • HDPE pipe used for industrial works over the center of the industrial areas.
  • HDPE Pipe usage area is Marina Applications.
  • Pe Pipe can be used in  Mining Projects & Applications.
  • Polyethylene pipes used for sewage networks, sewer – sewerage networks and waste water networks.
  • HDPE Pipe can be used for drainage projects as perforated pipe – slotted pipes to be drain of the storm water, artesian.
  • HDPE Pipe used for Hyrdroelectric Systems.
  • Pe pipe uses in agricultural projects for the agrarian terrains.
  • HDPE Pipe used in the gardens for irrigation or farm irrigation.
  • In the fish farm can be used mostly HDPE piping.
  • On the Fire Fighting Projects preffered HDPE Pipe with the FM Approval and used safely.
  • HDPE Pipe can be used in geothermal projects.
  • HDPE Pipe can be preffered in all projects that would be used PVC Pipes.
  • The HDPE Piping Systems are preffered on all municipal projects in underground or above ground.

3- HDPE Pipes Technical Specification

HDPE Pipe can be produced on diameter between 16 mm and 2200 mm as outer diameter and known with their outer diameter as nominal. HDPE Pipe technical table is shows the HDPE Pipe Technical Specification with HDPE Pipes weight chart, HDPE Pipe Thickness information and the tolerances of the values. The main specifications are coming from the usage area standard which is necessary for the applications.

HDPE Pipes manufacturing as per the world standard which is the number EN 12201-2 and ISO 4427 standard for water projects. Also the other standards are for HDPE Pipes EN 13476 – HDPE Corrugated Pipes meaning Plastic Piping systems for the non-pressure projects. EN 50086- HDPE Corrugated Pipes for telecommunication projects with the purpose on standard is Conduit systems for electrical installations as shown their used area.

You can check the following page of HDPE pipes for the HDPE Pipe Specification that shows the specs of the piping.

4- HDPE Pipe Joining Proces

HDPE Pipe can be joined / welded in three methods which is the changable according to projects of the piping systmes. The plastic pipe welding methods are can be used as desired way to best suitable welding method of the using.

  • 1- Butt Fusion Welding Process :

    The most used welding process of HDPE Pipe is Butt Fusion welding method and it’s the best strong welding type for HDPE pipe which is the making by heating of the pipes.

  • 2-Electro Fusion Welding Process:

    The second welding method of HDPE pipes is by electrofusion joining of the pipes. The HDPE pipe fittings are have their electro fusion sides to connect two pipes each other with the readable barkod and as otomatically the Electro Fusion Welding machine with the barkod of pipes have all the information of welding process to be joining of pipes easly

  • 3-Welding by Coupling Fittings – Mechanical Fittings as Push-fit type of joining the pipes.

    This is the mostly preffered for the smaller sizes of pipe to be connect fast and easy as Pushfit type of joining pipes. ıt’s choosed for easly way of the joining for the all projects. It’s connecting by the fittings.

5- HDPE Pipes Size Chart, HDPE Pipes Weight Chart, HDPE Pipe Thicknesses Chart

Faq about the HDPE pipes are the dimention of polyethylene pipe, diameters, weight of hdpe pipes, thickness of pe pipes. All this information about polyethylene pipe could be know with the hdpe pipe size chart.
HDPE Pipe Size Chart providing the informations for the pipeline projects, engineers, students, welding masters.