• HDPE Water Pipe Zeep construction
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Tuberías de PEAD

(EN) HDPE 100 Pipe (High Density Polyethylene Pipe) With ample space to keep the intended use of HDPE pipe, advantageously a so because it is of great importance in international projects. HDPE pipes areas have increased significantly and the first is preferred as drinking water,

U-PVC Pipes

Tubos de PVC

(EN) U-PVC pipes due to light and self-muffle features makes installation quickly and provide use. It doesn’t deform due to their resistance to impacts and used for a long time. Because the gasket supplied with…


Tuberías de Corrugado PEAD

(EN) HDPE Corrugated Pipes are used in sewerage projects in industrial waste transport in storm water drainage and in transport of the drainage waters..


Tuberías Corrugados en Espiral

(EN) Spiral Corrugated Pipes usually called larger diameters corrugated pipes are preferred for infrastructure projetcs. In the welding process of Corrugated Spiral Pipes combined by electrofusion coupler method therefore once assembled with tightness.


Tuberías de Protección de Cables

(EN) Telecommunication Double Wall Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes, the cable laying line used for the purpose to maintain cable. Corrugated Pipes and HDPE pipe coils are produced as flat surfaces.

Zeepconstruction_hdpe fittings2

Accesorios de Tuberías de Plástico

(EN) Plastic Pipe Fittings used for every type of plastic pipes in order to get new lines on the main lines, to give directions or connect the lines to each other. In HDPE Pipes, fittings produced in 3 groups as, HDPE Electro Fusion fittings, HDPE Butt Welding – Injection Fittings and HDPE..



(EN) Zeep Construction celebrating 7th years.

(EN) Zeep Construction celebrating 7th years.

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(EN) Zeep Contruction in Exporters’ Association meeting …

(EN) Zeep Contruction in Exporters’ Association meeting …

Disculpa, pero esta entrada está disponible sólo en TR y EN.